Australian Aboriginal Art


Minnie Pwerle / detail


We buy and sell genuine aboriginal art
from highly recommended topartists.


Cheryl BriscoeLola Nampajinpa Brown – Carol Napangardi Frank –
Lorna Fencer – Maureen Hudson – Don Morton – Patsy Morton – Elsie Moore –
Michael Nelson – Daisy Napangardi – Candy Nakamarra -Nellie Marks Nakamarra –
Long Jack PhillipusMinnie PwerleTim Payungka -Kevin Pinnadoolin –
Barbara Napangarti Reid – William Sandy – Marjorie Spencer – Narpula Scobie
Billy Stockman – Margaret Turner Petyarre – Barbara WeirJohnny Warangkula

Aboriginal art online offers a wide range of Australian Aboriginal Art.
Our contemporary Aboriginal Art is made by famous Aboriginal Artists.
The aboriginal art designs are worldwide collected by art investors,
musea as well as private persons.
Without the start of the Papunya painting movement, aboriginal art would
not have been so widely appreciated as it is today.
We offer paintings from famous Michael Nelson, Long Jack Phillipus,
Billy Stockman, Johnny Warrangula Tjaparula, Tim Payungka, who where at
the start of the most dynamic movement of art in the Australian art history:
Papunya Tula. We also offer artworks from Minnie Pwerle, Barbara Weir,
Margaret Turner Petyarre, Barbara Reid, and others…..

All paintings come with a Certificate of Authenticity and if possible, photo[s] of the artist[s] with the painting.
All paintings are in good condition and will be shipped worldwide.


Minnie Pwerle / detail


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